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If the currency keeps buying less and less on a rapid scale I do not need to understand value and the system, I need to understand where I can buy assets for barter so as to get rid of my worthless money.We can try to predict behavior based on habituation but understand that habituation does not mean always with out exception.Let me try it a different way: An investment in Bitcoin is an investment in bringing Jihad to America.FireEye says it has identified three attacks against South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges that took place between May and July, all of them linked to North Korean hackers.Read my reply to Mr Sellers. what we are talking about is human behavior and how money actually works.

And because the US can borrow in its own currency, in the money it prints, there is no reason for it to fear issuing treasuries.Since the beginning of the year, the value of the cryptocurrency has surged as it gains.One can cite all the technical requirements of money and monetary policy, but as GoodYear said, performance is where the rubber meets the road.If belief in the system fails, then it matters little what technical information you may have to offer.

All these economic ideas are not carved in store anywhere in the universe, they are ideas and subject to analysis by those who give pause for thought.Of course there is the worry that the bitcoin may or may not be accepted as fiat is for the settlement of taxes and debts.

Fiat currencies, cryptocurencies, all the same, they each depend on belief to keep them stable.

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I have read more than enough anthropology texts, papers, and the lot to know better than to take their word as gospel.

One may believe in the future of world peace with the greatest of hope and charity.On the other hand many using BTC, and beyond speculative profit, will tell you it has uses that gold cannot at present match, due to its segregation from legislated currency and other mediums of worth that have legislation applied to them, due to its anonymity and distance transaction ability.If cryto currency actually takes hold it will be in the form of sovereign digital currency.Is there any security vulnerability of the technology itself then.

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The store of value in each of those diseased cows has constantly dropped in face value.Hell, where do you think Jefferson stole some of his ideas for the Declaration of Independence.

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People need to grasp their head around the direction technology is moving.

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Litecoin worth Forecast and Analysis. 2017. Litecoin News of the.Laws of physics are exact, precise, and always true in the past, the present, and the future.I have control of a laptop library full of ancient computers powerful gaming PC.In overtaxed, over regulated hellholes like the USA, the need to pay taxes in USD, does make it pertinent for any vendor to convert at least the tax liability of a transaction to fiat.

However, I am warning people that it may still be a very risky investment despite not being a bubble.Disclaimer: The content on this site is provided as general information only and should not be taken as investment advice.I invested all my money into WORLDCOIN because this coin will have a nice future.

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The current world supply of mined gold is around 171,300 metric tonnes, which could be molded into a cube with sides of about 68 feet (20.7m). Its total value.Only one word of advice I would impart: always question what you think you know.Back to barter, which is not an exact process subject to technical jargon.

You can buy precious metals anywhere in the world with a credit card.It rather operates like a separate fiat currency if you will.If we are paid for our labor in cows and if those caw are defective and likely to drop dead at any moment then we will buy all and anything that could be used as an asset or commodity in barter.

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Money, of course, is fiduciary, which means it only has as much value as the trust we place in it.

If we reach the point where things get so bad like a depression or worldwide upheaval due to terrorism or war, the globalist will take over to create a new world order with a new form of currency they can control, you can b sure of that.Then private citizens can trade in one, or some, of the zero knowledge extensions involving claims to Bitcoins.The average person is not going to put all their money into BTC, even if they can electronically pay for a pint somewhere ( which I am sure they can do somewhere), because it is not stable enough to balance their existence on over the coming week.

Even easier if they have numismatic value above bullion value.