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You likely are aware that, as of this writing, some eleven states in this nation are realistically discussing and considering alternative currencies.

Many are destitute, others are losing their homes to foreclosure, and still others are unable to pay for the basic necessities of life, such as shelter, utilities, food, clothing, medicine and transportation.Please, dear friend, listen closely and thoroughly read these three simple, direct proposals, then, make the conscious choice to act upon them.Get updates on the latest technology for ASIC mining and Scrypt mining.

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Other states are expected to follow suit, while nine other states, such as Massachusetts, are considering state-owned banks.

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The Future Of Bitcoin And Alt-Currencies: A Conversation With ICONOMI Founder. future of bitcoin and other alt-currencies. focuses on currency.The People of California will be still further indebted for full payment, plus interest, plus fees, etc., etc.It has always happened and always will happen, because of the evil nature of the evil controllers of our society.The value of MaineBucks is based upon the labor, productivity, skills, ingenuity, inventiveness and resourcefulness of the People of Maine and the businesses and industries of Maine.Rick and Dick put this information on CDs with the intention that concerned, caring, committed, courageous Americans would hand carry them to their respective state senators and representatives in each state.

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We try to post links to free Alternative sites like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Terracoin.In your system, enormous taxes will exist, and government and corporate control will greatly expand.That control would never exist under MaineBucks, because since MaineBucks are based in and on the people, businesses and industries of Maine, they are unlimited, so there will never be any shortages of currency, as long as people are willing to work and businesses and industries are willing to produce.

In our very simple, direct proposal, the people regain the political and economic control inherent in a self-governing Constitutional Republic, as guaranteed to us in Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution for the United States of America, circa 1787, as amended in 1791.At one point or another, the American People have to wake up to the absolute fraud perpetrated upon them and begin to see the way to achieve parity through an egalitarian, People controlled monetary system.The usual corruption, at the highest levels, will take place, as is the custom, practice and policy of such institutions, but you want to place the power of the new currency within the hands of these thieves.If these 5,000 were to send this project information to 100 people, we would be reaching 500,000 people.Because of the present economic, financial and private monetary systems operating in this country and the resultant economic catastrophes and disasters existent in Maine, many people in this nation and in Maine are out of work, with little possibility of obtaining work, under the present monetary and economic systems.Alternative Chains, Currencies, and Applications Bitcoin was the result of 20 years of research in distributed systems and currencies and brought a.This obviously is untenable, insane and makes no financial sense, whatsoever.

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Rick Aiello and Dick Sieron have combined our two proposals with their proposed bill to stop the unconstitutional ObamaCare and have created an audio CD and a companion data CD, which fully describe them.Where no economy existed, a thriving robust economy will emerge almost overnight.Cryptocurrency help from around the web all in one place, from blockchain information to how to fix an issue with your wallet.

Fellow Americans, please remember, that we need only one state to accept and implement these proposals, because once that happens, every state will likely follow.

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The economic value of MaineBucks is equal to the same economic value of the federal reserve note.

California recently passed an amendment to make the use of alternative currencies easier, and New York may soon make a similar move.

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There are many alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin out there for trading. is storing 143,287,131 trades of 6432 currency pairs,.It is quite clear that under the system you propose there is basically zero difference between the current monetary system and the new monetary system, with the exception that, in theory, the currency is backed by gold.